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February 9, 2016

Why is a DSCR - Debt Service Coverage Ratio needed?

DSCR stands for Debt Service Coverage Ratio and is the most important factor for a commercial lender to analyze the risk level of your business or investment property loan.  It is the DSCR that tells the lender that the net income  is more than adequate to support the loan payments. You would not want to take out a loan on an income property or business if the net income were just barely able to make the loan payments – or worse if it were less than the loan payments. You... more

December 12, 2015

There are commercial property investors, especially those just getting into commercial property investing, who do not treat commercial property investments as a serious business. This can have dire financial consequences.

As Director of Marketing for Business Loan Store, and Apartment Loan Store, I have received many calls over time in which potential commercial property investors have thought that to buy a commercial property, you just simply and quickly select a commercial property, pay very little money to get it, and then sit back and make a lot of money... more

December 18, 2015

The answer is simple. If you are looking to purchase or refinance a multifamily property (defined as 5 or more apartment units), Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are the best loan programs in America today. Why are they the best? Because of very good rate and terms. And they are US Government backed loans. Because they are backed by the US government, they are very secure loans.

In the meanwhile, we fund multifamily loans as well as other types of commercial loans – including bridge loans, business loans, construction loans, mini-storage, office, retail, senior... more

December 02, 2015

In the previous article, fundamental points were covered having to do with a type of multifamily construction loan called an FHA construction loan. It is a great type of loan if you want to put less money down, get a great rate, and be able to keep your loan for a long time – 40 years.

In today’s article, I am covering the qualities to look for in a good commercial construction lender. It is known that the selection of a good lender is paramount to successful property investment. But, if you know the fine points to be able to select a great lender,... more

November 19, 2015

Recently I posted an article entitled "Commercial Construction Loans, Deconstructed" Here are two key points I made:

  1. It is a complicated type of commercial loan, definitely not for the beginner. This is because there are so many different, complex parts to it and without sufficient knowledge you could be vulnerable to financial loss. For example, one component has to do with the estimation of material costs and labor costs concerning construction materials. A... more