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Apartment Loan Rates
$500,000 to $100M, 5 Units +

Fixed Period Amortization Rate
5 Years 30  Years 3.96% – 4.74%
7 Years 30  Years 4.17% - 5.02%
10 Years 30  Years 4.60% - 5.32%
12 Years 30  Years 4.75% - 5.47%
15 Years 30  Years 5.02% - 5.74%
35 Years 35   FHA 3.85% plus MIP
Bridge Loans Int Only 6.00%  - 12.00%


Commercial Loan Blog

April 16, 2014

Commercial hard money lenders make loans to borrowers who have poor credit, have insufficient personal income, or are in need of loans on commercial properties that are not stabilized or are in need of rehabilitation. These lenders are also called commercial bridge loan lenders and also make loans to strong investors who have good credit and are looking to purchase a value added commercial property. A value added property is one that is usually in a decent neighborhood, but has not been managed well. Usually these properties are purchased from a bank that has... more

April 9, 2014

Apartment financing options for multifamily properties of five units or more are available in America today in six categories. At Apartment Loan Store, we have specialized in all of these apartment financing options since 1997:

  • Agency Loans

Fannie Mae – Minimum Loan for most lenders is $1,000,000. However, Fannie Mae will go down to $300,000 (but it is very challenging to find a FNMA lender willing to do a loan under $500,000). These loans can be fixed from 5 years to 30... more

April 8, 2014

In an article posted last week, "Due Diligence for Apartment Financing—A Lifeline for Success in Owning Your Apartment Complex," we covered how vitally important it is to do due diligence in acquiring a multifamily loan. We also mentioned how important due diligence is in all steps of acquiring and owning an apartment complex.  

You would be surprised to know how many loan inquiries we get from people who know next to nothing about multifamily properties. They have no idea what it takes to select, finance, and run an apartment complex. Their attitude is that... more