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Apartment Loan Rates
$500,000 to $100M, 5 Units +

Fixed Period Amortization Rate
5 Years 30  Years 3.76% – 4.54%
7 Years 30  Years 3.82% - 4.57%
10 Years 30  Years 3.95% - 4.67%
12 Years 30  Years 4.02% - 4.74%
15 Years 30  Years 4.19% - 4.91%
35 Years 35   FHA 3.10% plus MIP
Bridge Loans Int Only 6.00%  - 12.00%


Commercial Loan Blog

March 17, 2015

Many people contact us wanting to get a commercial loan and they need to know the requirements for getting a commercial loan for commercial property. If they are not strong financially with strong enough net worth and liquidity they can be disappointed when they find out they don’t qualify.

Those who have residential investment experience though, are a step ahead because they will have some understanding of the mortgage loan process for an investor even though commercial loans are more complex... more

March 11, 2015

From time to time, people who are not experienced commercial realty investors call us wanting to get a commercial loan (multifamily or other type), and yet they do not qualify. However, they could qualify for a residential property loan.

How do you know if you are ready to move from residential realty investment to commercial realty investment? There are a number of factors.

First, a commercial mortgage loan has different requirements than a residential mortgage loan. And it is usually harder to qualify for a commercial mortgage loan. What are some of... more

February 18, 1015

For the last 2 weeks this blog was on why the Fannie Mae apartment loan is the best in America. If you are involved with apartment loans, you need to be familiar with the Fannie Mae loan program.

This week’s blog has a little bit more information on why the Fannie Mae apartment loan is so special.

Part one, posted two weeks ago was about why the Fannie Mae apartment loan is the best in America. It has the best rate and terms with not many exceptions. You also get up to a 30 year fixed rate and 30 year amortization, etc.

Part two, posted last... more