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Apartment Loan Rates
$500,000 to $100M, 5 Units +

Fixed Period Amortization Rate
5 Years 30  Years 3.79% – 4.57%
7 Years 30  Years 3.83% - 4.58%
10 Years 30  Years 4.03% - 4.75%
12 Years 30  Years 4.21% - 5.93%
15 Years 30  Years 4.46% - 5.18%
35 Years 35   FHA 3.45% plus MIP
Bridge Loans Int Only 6.00%  - 12.00%


Commercial Loan Blog

July 23, 2014

The question, “Are Bridge Apartment Loans Expensive” is a very good and important question. Why? Because if you do not have strong knowledge and strong experience getting a bridge loan, you could lose a lot of money, lose a lot of time, and gain extreme stress.

If you are very knowledgeable and have much experience in purchasing bridge apartment loans, you have the ability to make good money, save time, and have a positive bridge apartment loan experience.

Bridge apartment loans and other types of bridge commercial loans are an advanced loan strategy and... more

July 15, 2014

This applies strongly to the experienced apartment complex investor as well as the inexperienced apartment complex investor.

You may ask why this applies strongly to the experienced apartment complex investor.

The answer is simple and is best presented in the story of what many commercial lenders experience: The experienced investor applies for a commercial mortgage and is declined because of not having enough cash to do the loan.

This experienced apartment complex investor, owning quite a few apartment complexes, has spread himself too thin... more

July 8, 2014

The answer is that it depends.

There are two factors in answering this question correctly:

Factor One – The banker decides if you have enough experience to get an apartment loan.

Factor Two – You decide.

Here’s an example of where factor two comes into play: Let’s say that you have no experience in ownership of multifamily properties, yet you have great wealth. The bank decides there is very little risk in lending the money to you because of your wealth. You end up purchasing a 10 unit apartment building.

But, because of your lack of... more