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30 year fixed rate, our most popular loan program

  • No tax returns Required
  • Rates starting at 3.45%
  • Up to 80% loan to value available
  • Loans are amortized for 30 years.
  • Loan assumable for 1% fee
  • Commercial Space - 35% of Rental Space or 20% of Gross Income
  • Non-Recourse

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Which Apartment/Multifamily Loan is Right for You?

Since 1997, we have shopped our network of affiliated lenders to land our clients the best deals on apartment building loans of 5 units or more, and $750,000 plus. Apartment Loan Store has specialized in the lowest rate multifamily loans for over 20 years.     READ MORE

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7 Best Rate Multifamily Loans 2021

By Terry Painter/Mortgage Banker

What are the best Apartment Multifamily loans in America? Which programs have the lowest rates and highest LTV’s?  What about interest only and prepayment penalties?  What does it take to qualify? Which programs require tax returns. Which apartment loan programs are assumable? Based on their rates, terms, and feedback from our clients these programs are ranked number 1–17. READ MORE

Commercial Loan Rates

Rates as of: 04/15/2021
Loan Rate yrs/fixed
Apartments, Multifamily 2.46 – 4.52 5 - 35
Senior Housing 4.34 - 5.10 5 - 30
Student Housing 4.40 – 5.25 5 - 10
NNN/Credit Tenant 4.65 – 5.19 5 - 15
Bridge Loans 4.70 – 12.00 1 – 3
Self Storage 4.74 – 5.19 5 - 10
Retail/Office 4.76 – 5.25 5 - 10
Mobile Home Park 4.87 - 5.40 5 - 10
Hotels 5.16 – 8.24 5 - 10
Construction Loans 5.25 - 8.25 1 - 3

For Sale October 13, 2020!

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Written by the founder of Apartment Loan Store

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Commercial Loan Experts

FROM:   Peter Harris    Author of the book “Commercial Real Estate Investing for Dummies”

"I have personally known Terry Painter and Apartment Loan Store since the early 2000's.  Since then, Terry is the first person we call when a commercial loan is needed - pretty much anywhere in the U.S. The best thing about Terry is his upfront work on the deal you are considering - you will know if your deal is going to get funded or not right away. That's huge! No other lender that I've worked over the last 20 years puts in as much work as Terry".



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