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Where to Find Information on Commercial Real-Estate

April 23, 2015

The past 2 weeks, I have posted blog articles on how important it is to have strong sources to locate apartment properties for sale in cities that you may be searching for property. Also, the information included source information to find the strength on the apartment market in cities of interest.

This week we are broadening our scope to the spectrum of commercial real-estate, which can include retail, office, senior housing, hotel and motel, industrial, etc., and of course multifamily. We will be looking at where to find commercial properties for sale, and then we will also look at how to get information to learn more about commercial real-estate.

A link to search for commercial properties for sale is Let’s say for example that you are wanting to purchase an office building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

First, go to the above link. Next, you can click on the box located toward the left side, and pick office out of the choices of  retail, office, industrial, senior housing, hotel and motel, land, or etc. Then, on the box located toward the right side choose Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

There are many cities in the United States that you can find commercial properties for sale using this link.

Next, if you want in-depth knowledge on the commercial real-estate market, or knowledge about a particular type of commercial real-estate, the following source is excellent:

Commercial Investment Real Estate Magazine (CIRE Magazine) – Go to and then you can click on “Current Issue” or “Archives.” In this magazine you can select from many choices to find information concerning the differing types of commercial realty.

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