Apartment/multifamily financing better than your bank.

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What type of Multifamily/Apartment Loan do you need?


Lenders Love Multifamily Loans - this is the easiest commercial property type to obtain a loan on. 14 Top Apartment/ Multifamily Loan Programs - Offered by HUD/FHA (lowest long term fixed rates), community banks, credit unions, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Life Companies, Hard Money lenders and more. We will work with you to help you get your best possible loan.


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Refinance your commercial property with a securitized loan up to 80%. Most banks go up to 75% LTV and prefer to not do a cash out refinance. Private and Securitized Lenders as well as Life Companies have no problem with cash out refinancing for any reason. They view it as “this is your money, do what you want with it”.


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Construction Loans

With 7 Construction Apartment Loan programs to choose from, and over 100 direct lending sources, Apartment Loan Store will match you with the Multifamily construction loan program that is right for you.  Call one of our friendly Multifamily Construction Loan Specialists to determine which of the programs below is right for your development. Apartment Loan Store, brokers and bankers for Multifamily loans since 1997. We are construction loan experts and will get your project funded.


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Bridge Loans

 Apartment bridge loans are used to finance apartment buildings that need remodeling or rehabilitation or are not stabilized (meaning they have lower than market occupancy and/or income). Our Multifamily Bridge loans typically have a term of one year to two years with rates starting in the five to six percent range for stronger borrowers and properties with a 30-day closing. We can close an apartment bridge loan in as little as 2 weeks.


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