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Henderson, Nevada

$304,400 is the median house value of Henderson, Nevada homes. And over the last year, the house values of Henderson have increased 12.1 percent. It is predicted that during this year, home values will increase 5.5 percent.

Per square foot, Henderson has a median list cost of $169. The metro area of Los Vegas has a lower list cost per square foot average of $155.

For houses currently listed in the city of Henderson, $359,900 is the median cost. Of houses sold in Henderson, the median cost is $297,500.

$1,475 is the rent cost median in Henderson. The Metro area of Las Vegas has $1,350 as it’s rent cost median, which is lower than Henderson’s.

An important factor that will impact the worth of houses for the next few years is foreclosure rate. For every 10,000 houses in Henderson, 1.5 go through the foreclosure process. For every 10,000 houses in the Metro area of Las Vegas, 1.7 experience foreclosure. Thus, Las Vegas has a higher foreclosure rate than Las Vegas. The United States foreclosure rate is 1.6 houses foreclosed on for every 10,000.

There is a first step that occurs in foreclosure. It’s called mortgage delinquency.  This is defined as a house owner not making a payment on their mortgage. Henderson has a 1.6 percent mortgage delinquency rate. This is the same as the national delinquency rate of 1.6 percent.

From their high in 2007 through their low in the later part of 2011, United States house values fell a greater amount than 20 percent. As a result of this, quite a few owners of houses have their mortgages underwater. This means that the debt of their mortgage is greater than the value of their house.

13.1 percent of Henderson, Nevada house owners experience having their mortgage under water. 15.9 percent of Los Vegas house owners experience having their mortgage under water. This is higher than the underwater rate in Henderson.