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Wichita, Kansas

Wichita has a median house value of $125,200. The value of houses has increased 3.3 percent in the past year (2017). The list price of a home in Wichita is $103 per square foot. This is less than the average Wichita Metro home which is $104 per square foot. 

Wichita has a median house price listed at this time for $149,000. $850 is Wichita’s median rental unit cost. This is less than the median Wichita Metro rental cost of $875.

1.4 percent of houses in Wichita are delinquent on their mortgage.

As far as particular neighborhoods:
1. The neighborhood of North Riverside has a median ZHVI price of $86,600. ZHVI is an acronym for Zillow Home Value Index.
2. The neighborhood of East Front has a median ZHVI price of $81,500.
3. The neighborhood of Uptown has a median ZHVI price of $77,400.

When it comes to commercial real estate, a woman named Sudha Tokala recently purchased 4 buildings in downtown Wichita. Her purpose – non-profit to help the community. She used her own money to purchase the 4 buildings. However, there is a $125 million plan in which she is raising money and has some commitments toward it at this time.

Her purpose – she knows that there are a lot of teenagers who have limited options in the United States and it is especially so in Wichita. She has a desire to give back to the community – wanting to provide good jobs and the needed training to get these jobs for these youth. The buildings are to be educational centers in the arenas of medical and health where these youth can get certified to have these jobs.

As the writer of this article, I feel emotional about Sudha. To me, she is indisputably a hero – one of those people who is making a better world – so we can all have a better world.


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