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HUD/FHA Financing for Apartments

Non-Bank Sources of Commercial Loans

Published February 11, 2012

If you have recently been turned down by your bank for a commercial real estate loan, don’t take it personally. Many banks today are simply not making commercial real estate loans to anyone. In most cases this is not because they do not have the money, but because they already have too much commercial real estate on their books, or because they want to play it safe and make less risky loans.

Best Apartment Loan Sources

Published March 12, 2012

If you are in need of a multifamily loan to refinance your apartment building or to purchase an apartment building of five units or more, what lending sources are available to you in America today? Which are the best? Some of the available loan sources are the corner commercial bank, credit unions, regional banks, national bank commercial divisions (such as Wells Fargo Commercial and Chase Commercial), Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, real estate investment trusts, insurance companies, hedge funds and private funds.

Lowest Apartment Loan Rates

Published December 17, 2012 

The lowest apartment loan rates (commercial apartment complexes of five units or more) are without doubt HUD/FHA loan programs for refinancing and purchasing apartment buildings. This program is known as the HUD 223f. The rate as of the date of this blog article is 2.75% for a 30–35 year fixed with a 30–35 year amortization. HUD will also mandate a monthly mortgage insurance premium, so that will add .60% on to the rate. Therefore the all-in rate today is 3.35%.

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