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Peter Harris

Five Stars
I first used Terry on an 140-unit apartment complex in Dallas, Texas, after the initial commercial lender performed a disappearing act on me a few weeks before closing. I had gotten so tired of getting empty promises from other commercial lenders. Some promised low interest rates, low costs or quick closings, but nearly all failed to live up to expectations. I just wanted consistency, reliability and honesty. And that’s what Terry has delivered to me since 2004 and to the clients I have referred him since. Over the years, Terry has been my personal lending broker of choice for deals spanning from California, the Southwest, to the Midwest.

Terry has what I feel are three standout qualities that are rare in the commercial lending industry. First, his communication and availability are second to none. He keeps me up to date on the status of the loans at all times without me having to call him. And when I need a quick teleconference with the partners, buyers, sellers, etc., he’s there for me even on the weekends.

Second, Terry may not admit this, but he is a great teacher. What I mean by this is that no matter if you are a novice investor applying for your first commercial loan or a seasoned investor acquiring a value-add property, he breaks everything down in simple details for you. In all these years of apartment deals with Terry, I’ve never had to guess, nor was there any gray area in any part of the loan transactions from start to close. That says a lot considering the dynamics of commercial loans.

Last but not least, I have yet to find another commercial lender that will help you analyze your deals with his own inside resources, counsel you on setting up partnerships efficiently, recommend property managers, and most of all care if you are making a good investment or not.

Thanks Terry for being my lender, an adviser and a friend for all these years.

~Peter Harris, CEO, Co-Author of Commercial Real Estate for Dummies



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