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Commercial Mortgages (Principles to Live by For Success)

November 14, 2016

Why am I writing about principles? And what does that have to do with commercial loans? 

Because I love the topic and believe that our principles and values are the key to success and happiness in all aspects of our life, and that includes commercial loans. I also want to write something different – something that could serve you, the audience, on a more personal level – something on the human side.  I believe having some variety in these articles makes a better blog. The variety also makes the articles more interesting in my opinion.

But, what exactly is a principle? Here are two dictionary definitions:

  1. A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behavior or for a chain of reasoning.
  2. A fundamental source or basis of something.


To me this means that the principles we live by are the foundation for how we live our life. A strong foundation of principles will help you attain a strong, successful, happy life. A weak foundation of principles will weaken success and happiness.

A key word connected to the definition of “principle” is truth. I believe that truth including its close cousin honesty is perhaps the most important compass to live by and guide us in life. The areas of life in which we have a high level of truth we will have a great deal more success than the areas of life that we have absence of truth or a low amount of truth. 

It needs to be stated that when we are talking about success here, we are talking about success that is for the greater good, not success that uses, hurts or takes from others.

I believe that we are especially successful when we are involved in endeavors that benefit others including helping them be more successful.

I picked up a book yesterday from the library about a person I admire tremendously. To me he is an ultimate hero – George Washington. The name of the book is George Washington’s Journey (The President Forges a New Nation), by T.H. Breen.

Yes, he did forge a new nation. In a section I was reading, it referred to the high degree of honesty George Washington had. No wonder he went to the top. 

Dishonesty has you lose. The areas of my life where I’ve been dishonest I’ve lost it. 

Example 1: Years ago, I had debts I promised to pay and I did not pay them. That created a loss for the people I didn’t pay back. That was a big dishonesty on my part. 

This resulted in financial struggle.

It’s simple. If you are broke take a look and see if you’ve contributed to others being weaker financially, or being broke.

Example 2: Years ago I continually failed in relationships. One thing that happened was that I got broken hearts from some women. The women were not honest to me. They communicated that they were interested in me and yet left me.

Well, it turns out that I had given others broken hearts. I had indicated an interest in them and then left them.

The wisdom here is – if you’ve received broken hearts, see where you’ve possibly given broken hearts.

A law of physics is, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” This law not only works in the physical universe, but it also works in the people universe.

If you hurt others, you will get back hurts from others. The other side is also true. If people are hurting you, you need to take a look and see where you could be hurting others.

The positive is also true – Do good things and good things will come back to you.

A big problem is that most people tend to be very critical of others when others hurt them. But, they often tend to be blind to or make excuses for hurting others. Shakespeare expresses this concept:

"the eye sees not itself.”

Here I believe Shakespeare is saying that people quite often tend to not see what they are doing. We have negative traits we attribute to others, but do not see those qualities in ourselves.

I had a girlfriend many years ago who I thought was very critical. It turned out my “eye” did not see itself. I was a super critical person. So much so, I can remember back in the 80’s I was so critical of my wife that she cried. When I was able to “see” what I was doing – being destructive with criticism, I had strong regret and worked on letting go of my destructive criticism.

When I learned that the problems people were giving me had a lot to do with me and what I was doing to them, it gave me a new freedom. I felt less of a victim. I could see that I could change myself in positive ways, and others would change in positive ways.

So, what does this have to do with commercial loans?

If you operate with strong principles, you will more likely succeed in commercial loans, commercial investing, as well as other areas of your life – professional, personal, and spiritual.

The positive side of all of this is that we have so many positive qualities, some of them we don’t see. We are far more capable, loving, powerful, intelligent than we know. 

We have so much to contribute to help make the world a better place.

It’s so important to see the positive qualities in ourselves and bring them out.

Also, see the positive qualities in others, and help bring them out. 

A good exercise to do is to get in the habit of complementing ourselves and also complementing others. Look for a positive quality in yourself – even a small one. Write it down. Keep a journal of your positive qualities. 

Look for positive qualities in others. Let them know of the positive qualities you see in them. Most people are use to receiving so much negativity from others – to hear something positive can be very rewarding.

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