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Commercial Property Mortgage Rates: How Do They Work?

And how do they differ from residential mortgage rates? We will also be looking at terms, because terms work so closely with rates.

Commercial property rates work quite differently from residential property rates. Generally with commercial property rates, the higher the number of years of a loan, the higher the interest rate, while with residential property rates, the higher the number of years of a loan equals a lower interest rate.

Most of the time with commercial rates you get terms with a lower number of years than with residential rates. For example, if you are to get an apartment loan, you will likely have terms of 3, 5, or 7 years – at times 10 years, but over 10 years is not common. With residential loans, you can easily get a 30 year term.

Also, it’s important to note that commercial property mortgage rates and terms vary with the type of commercial property you purchase. For example, you’ll find differences between rates and terms in buying a shopping center, a multifamily property, a restaurant, or a Walgreens.

The question may come up “if commercial property rates are higher than residential commercial property rates, why get involved in commercial property investing?” The answer is that you have the advantage of leveraging. Instead of purchasing one residential property after another in one commercial property investment, you could acquire 50 units in an apartment complex. Of course, you must also qualify.

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