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Commercial Loans: Who Has Been My Main Mentor?

January 27, 2015

Last week I wrote about why it’s so important to have a mentor to learn how to invest in ownership of Commercial Properties.

This week I’m writing concerning mentorship I have received that has greatly help me learn about the field of commercial lending.

My major mentor in this arena has been Terry Painter, president of Business Loan Store and www.ApartmentLoanStore.com.  Not only is he an important mentor in my life, but he is also my brother and a great friend.

Terry has many great qualities as a mentor that have helped me do my job as Director of Marketing. The following are some of the great qualities of Terry I admire as part of his mentoring me.

I believe we can be highly influenced by the people we model from. Therefore they need to be of high character and good working habits. Terry is a hard worker. He does what it takes to get the job done. I have seen him work very long hours to make sure a loan gets done properly and in time.

Terry is also honest, which is perhaps number 1 in importance in life. Without honesty you have nothing. Why? Because your honesty predicts your long term success. Each bit of dishonesty will create a setback for you, unless you make up for it.

Each bit of honesty will move you forward because it has you do correct actions which put you in the right time, in the right place, with the right people, causing enhanced results. Dishonesty will pull you towards the wrong places with the wrong people – quite likely dishonest people who tend to betray.

People in some situations will seem to lose in the short term with honest practices, but in the long term, they will win and flourish.

And honesty has you create positive consequences in your life. Each bit of dishonesty creates negative consequences not only for you, but can heavily create negative consequences for others. Negative consequences cause setbacks.

Terry is also of tremendous service to his customers. He goes all out to educate them. He gives them consulting help so they make sound decisions in doing their commercial loans. Some lenders just do the minimum required in the loan process.

Another aspect of his service to clients is his tremendous research to get a loan done. Some loans are quite complex and very difficult to do. Terry will persevere and give much of himself in talking with various loan sources to work toward getting the job done.

Terry is also incredibly knowledgeable about his craft. For example, he is getting ready to attend a conference very soon. In attending conferences he can keep up better with the industry, and acquire new knowledge to help our company compete in the market place.

He is also a great teacher to help me learn the essential knowledge I need. He simplifies things and makes them understandable.

Also importantly, Terry makes work fun. He has great humor. Laugher is a great part of the relationship he has with people.

I am grateful to know Terry and grateful that he is in my life.

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Bruce Painter, Director of Marketing, Business Loan