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Commercial Loans: Who Has Been My Main Mentor, Part 2

February 05, 2015

Last week I expressed my appreciation for the mentorship I have gotten that has greatly assisted me in learning about commercial lending. I expressed my gratitude for the training that Terry Painter has given me. He has done an outstanding job to prepare me for my work.

I had covered that his mentoring included being a good role model. After all, what good is a mentor if their character is weak. When we mentor from someone, we model from them. Even if we reject a mentor’s questionable behavior - if we are around them day in and day out, we can be affected by it. Repetitive negative programming may have the effect of weakening an individual’s ethics and morals.

I had also shared other very positive qualities that Terry has. He is of great service to his clients, is a very good teacher, and goes to great lengths to find very good loan sources for our clients. He is also very knowledgeable about the commercial loan industry and is fun to work with.

This week one quality I’d like to talk more about is his humor. Terry works to make you laugh. He has done this since he was a child. I know this because I’m his older brother and I’ve seen him use humor for many years. He can take a client who is over-serious, and within seconds the guy is laughing – a great way to win someone over. Terry also uses humor with his staff. His humor disarms people; it creates unity, and a spirit of fun.

One other quality of Terry that I admire is his confidence. He has strong confidence in his work and in himself. Confidence is a quality that is essential for leaders. Confidence attracts followers; it also attracts customers as well as trust. Lack of confidence attracts uncertainty. Terry radiates strong confidence.

To me it’s very special to be able to work with family. I’ve also been privileged for years to work with my wife. However, a major quality needed for family members to work well together is that they are of strong character. Of course that is needed everywhere. But, to me it is especially so for family because strong bonds and weak character can cause very difficult situations.

With Terry, a strong part of our bond is our being of strong character.

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Bruce Painter, Director of Marketing, Business Loan