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Five Stars
We are a family business that owns and operates commercial, multifamily and single-family real estate. We buy, broker and manage real estate for ourselves and selected clients. I met Terry Painter through my son-in-law Rob Powell. Rob introduced us to Terry to help us refinance a shopping center that we own. We had just been rejected for financing on this center through another very experienced broker. It was October 2008, and the economic downturn was all over the news, daily. Everyone was saying that there was no financing available, and I was resigned to being held up by the lender we were with at the time.

Terry stated confidently, but humbly, that he thought he could get the financing for us. He did it, and he is now the first person we contact when we are considering a purchase. Terry’s contribution is not limited to the financing; he is a significant asset in the due diligence process. I cannot stress enough the contribution that Terry makes toward our process of buying and financing.

Thank you Terry.

~David Karam, CCIM


Five Stars
I am a commercial real estate investor. Over the years I have invested in different types of commercial and residential assets. There is so much that goes into getting a deal done ... but I think the most critical is the financing. To be more specific, the most critical member on your team is your mortgage broker or lender.

I met Terry Painter six years ago, and he has closed the loans on most of my deals. Terry is a critical member of my team. Terry has not only made me money but also saved me in doing bad deals, therefore saving me money. Terry has helped me put deals together, as well as being the glue to keep deals together.

I go to Terry first for all my real estate projects, because he is not your typical commercial mortgage broker. When I talk to Terry about a project, I always seem to learn something about financing and real estate. Terry educates me about my project, not the other way around. If you have done a few deals that require financing, then you know what I mean. It is a waste of time and money when you have to educate your mortgage broker. I love the fact that Terry knows more than I do.

There have been times where I will just call Terry up for advice regarding an asset, and Terry will go above and beyond to help me even when there is nothing in it for him.

Terry Painter is my mortgage broker and my friend, and I highly recommend his services. If Terry can’t finance your deal ... it is probably a deal you should not be doing.

~Rob Powell, Cedar Crest, New Mexico


Five Stars
Dear Terry,

As you know, we refinanced our apartment complex, Leisure Manor, this year because the loan had matured. We have been working with this property for years to bring it to the level of performance we require but we have faced one challenge after another in the process. All those issues, of which you are aware, contributed to the difficulty we had in getting a new loan.

We wanted to thank you for all your help through the loan process. As you know it was difficult, with a number of unexpected turns that slowed completion of the process. We went through the course of seven months (of changes, conferences, furnishing documentation, and committee decisions, changes of banks, redundant submissions, etc.) with much less discomfort than expected due to your presence and considerable help.

We so appreciate your perspective, insight, and willingness to extend yourself as you did to to assist us when we did not know what to do. Without you we would not have completed this process. Several times in the process we were very impressed by how much progress you were able to achieve when we could not get through to bank personnel. You and the staff at Apartment Loan Store, Business Loan Store moved heaven and earth to make the loan happen, and we have been very grateful for your expertise, professional demeanor, humor and support. Your understanding of how to think about things we were told - or not told - and what we needed to do next helped us greatly to make productive decisions. That in turn has helped us further develop our longer vision in regard to our business, which we appreciate.

Overall, while we found the challenges daunting at times, what we learned was useful. We are glad to know we do have the support we need, when we need it, as you showed us several times during the course of obtaining our loan. We are moving forward with confidence, and feel great knowing you and Sharon particularly, as well as others, (Peter Harris especially) are ready and able to assist and advise as needed.

Thank you again for all your help, patience, and for being available with a smile in your voice through a trying process! We look forward to continuing our acquaintance, and wish you a wonderful summer.

Sincerely, Linda and Dr. Cornell




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