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Fannie Mae Apartment Loan, The Best in America, Part 2

December 17, 2014

Last week, this blog was about 5 reasons why the Fannie Mae apartment loan is the best in America. If you are in the market for apartment loans, you need to be familiar with the Fannie Mae program.

There are so many multifamily investors who don’t know about the Fannie Mae program. Many of them use banks only and are not aware of this great program.

The second part of this blog is about how to qualify for a Fannie Mae loan.

But first, here is a summary of last week’s blog:

Fannie Mae is the best apartment loan program in America because with relatively few exceptions it has the best rate and terms. Also, the high majority of time you don’t need to submit tax returns, and if you have low business income, it is OK. Also, you can get up to a 30 year fixed rate and 30 year amortization.

The following has much of what is required for a Fannie loan:

  1. You need to have a minimum credit score of 680
  2. Your net worth needs to be at least the size of the loan.
  3. You need to have liquid a minimum of 20% down payment, plus loan expenses, and reserves. For reserves, it’s good to have 12 months of payments in the bank.
  4. The property needs to be in pretty good condition with not a lot of rehab needed.
  5. As a rule, the property should be in a city with a minimum of 25,000 population. Suburbs of a larger city can often have less than 25,000 people.
  6. The property has to have sufficient cash flow.
  7. The property needs to have 90% occupancy for the last 3 months and a good occupancy history.

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