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Mortgage Advantages to Apartment vs. Single Unit Loans

Published January 12, 2013 

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This blog is about the mortgage loan advantages of apartment loans over single-unit building loans. From the investor’s perspective, there is a lot written about why it is advantageous to buy apartment buildings instead of buying just one unit at a time. But did you know there are powerful mortgage loan advantages of having apartment loans versus single-unit building loans?

1. Just as with investing in apartment buildings, when you get an apartment building loan, you are using the leverage principle in your loan strategy – a key to wealth building.

Why get 100 loans when you can get one loan? Of course, you’ve got to have the means and experience to build up to qualifying for, say, a 100-unit apartment loan. But, if I may diverge for a moment, if you get a partner, you don’t have to have experience – this could be a good subject for a future post.

More on leveraging. In the book “The Laptop Millionaire,” it says that successful people don’t look at money as making profit. They look at money as a means of adding value.

The value you add when you acquire an apartment loan is that you give multiple people a convenient place to live. They don’t need savings to get it, they don’t have to worry about repair or maintenance problems, etc.

2. This naturally leads to the second advantage of apartment loans. This is how you greatly add economic value for others, and in doing so, reap more profit yourself. When you get an apartment building loan, you are helping a bank and the businesses receiving money from your payments, which helps stimulate the economy, etc. Where do you reap the benefit? One way is that you can move into becoming a top-profile customer of the lending bank, gaining a  number of financial and other advantages.

3. A third mortgage loan advantage of apartment loans is that instead of having to qualify for 100 loans, as in the earlier example, you only have to qualify for one. Can you imagine how much time and money you save? And this, again, is using the leverage principle in building wealth. Plus, you don’t have to worry numerous times about whether you are going to qualify. Just once, rather than 100.

Bottom line: Getting apartment mortgage loans rather than single-unit building loans makes sense as a wealth-building strategy. You save time, money, have less headaches, and use the leverage principle. Apartment loans are a great way to go.

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Bruce Painter, Marketing Director