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December 6, 2017

By Terry Painter, Mortgage Banker

Member of the Forbes Real Estate Council

What is Yield Maintenance? Why is it so difficult to get a straight answer on this?

So imagine you are taking out a commercial loan and you’re told that the prepayment penalty is yield maintenance. No one—and I mean not even the lender—can likely give you an explanation that gives you that feeling of... more

October 18, 2017

Commercial Real Estate – The Hidden Trap That Turns Your Investment Into a Las Vegas Crapshoot

There is a hidden trap that many commercial real estate investors are not aware of. Not being aware of it will quite possibly cause them to experience big monetary loss.

A substantial number of commercial real estate investors will try to get the biggest loans possible to acquire... more

September 19, 2017

What originally prompted me to write on this subject? In one year, we had two of our investors report to us that their property managers stole money from them. I was shocked, and wanted to warn investors to be sure to manage their property managers.

Nearly always, your business is more important to you than it is for someone else who is not an owner. You have more at stake. If... more

September 6, 2017

Many inexperienced people think that commercial real-estate investment is just a passive investment – you just sit back and collect lots of money.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Do you just sit back and collect money passively if you run a restaurant? No! There is a lot of work. The management, managing your managers, customers, customer service, legal, marketing, repair,... more

August 30, 2017

If you have money to invest, read this article. Why? It tells you a number of reasons for commercial Real-Estate being a great investment. Some think it’s the number one investment of all investments.

Let’s get right to it:

1. The Power of Leverage –

*So many commercial Real-Estate properties have multiple units in one location (For example – apartment buildings). Think about... more




  • Have you developed a similar size project in the past 10 years, or several projects combined that equal the size of the project to be developed or do you have the ability to bring in a partner who has this experience?

  • ... more

    About Commercial Construction Loan Rates

    By Terry Painter, Mortgage Banker

    Member of the Forbes Real Estate Council

    Commercial Construction Loan Rates vary from around 4.00% to 12.00% based on the lender's cost of funds. Also the  experience, credit and financial strength of the developer and key principals on the project are a factor. Many commercial banks borrow the funds from other banking institutions over night on the Federal Funds Rate: or from their own deposits. Of course, their cost of funds vary daily so they... more

    December 15, 2016

    Do you have a clear purpose for selecting a commercial investment property? Do you have a clear plan? Have you given much thought to it?

    Why? For some of you it is obvious. For some it may not be.

    Let’s start out with a real life story of what can happen when you do not have a clear purpose and plan in selecting a commercial investment property. One of our clients--let's call him,... more


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