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Commercial Loan Blog

August 24, 2016

As stated in the most recent blog, Commercial Mortgage (Maximum Size) (the first part), the majority of investors want the biggest size mortgage they can afford in order to receive a larger investment as well as a larger property. In the first part, we covered 2 things the investor can do to get a bigger loan.

The first one is to get the greatest number of years of amortization. The larger... more

August 16, 2016

Most commercial loan investors want to get the maximum size mortgage loan they can get in order have a bigger investment, and a bigger property. There are certain things you can do to maximize your loan. In this blog, I am going to share two things you can do to have a maximum size loan.

  • Get a loan with maximum amortization.
  • The greater the amortization, the smaller the loan... more

    July 28, 2016

    This article, along with Part 1 and Part 2 is about commercial hard money/bridge loans.

    In Part 1 we shared what a hard money/bridge loan is, and we recommended that you not get involved in this type of loan unless you have experience, or have an investor-partner with experience. This is because there is quite a bit more risk involved in this type of loan, and it is quite a bit more... more

    July 19, 2016

    We are actually referring to commercial hard money/bridge loans in this article and the previous one titled: Hard Money/Bridge Loans. In the previous article, I wrote about what these types of loans are and possible reasons for needing one. I cautioned investors not to get involved in doing hard money/bridge loans unless they have experience in it, or have an investor partner with experience. It’s... more

    July 06, 2016

    Hard money loans and bridge loans are nearly synonymous. And they are a type of commercial loan that is not a conventional loan. Basically, you get a hard money or bridge loan when you do not qualify for conventional financing. You are lacking something needed for conventional financing.

    Also, most often a hard money or bridge loan is temporary financing that gives you time to qualify for a... more

    June 06, 2016

    This article is a continuation of the previous article, which looked at commercial construction loans versus investment real-estate loans. Again, investment real-estate loans refer to commercial properties that have been built.

    For a quick review of the previous article, there were 5 things covered illustrating the differences between commercial construction loans and investment real... more

    May 20, 2016

    This article is going to focus on some differences between commercial new construction loans and investment real-estate loans. When we think of investment real-estate loans, we mean loans for existing commercial properties already built.

    The following are 5 differences between commercial new construction loans and investment real-estate loans:

  • There is vastly greater amount of... more
  • April 27, 2016

    Welcome to Part 3 on Commercial Mortgages. The focus thus far has specifically been on mortgages. The previous week we went over four key points. Here is a quick summary:

  •  Thoroughly inspect the property – do your best to inspect each unit. This is because the units you do not inspect could have major costly problems.
  •  Inspect the neighborhood quality. The real-estate listing may... more
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