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Best Kind of Commercial Property Investment

Published July 17, 2010 

Commercial real estate properties fall into four categories:

1.    Retail. Examples are medical centers, hotels, malls, retail stores, shopping centers, public houses, etc.

2.    Office. Office buildings fall into this category.

3.    Industrial. Industrial properties, farm lands, warehouses and garages are examples.

4.    Multifamily. This category includes all multifamily housing buildings or apartments.

Among the four categories, investors like you should think of nothing but multifamily apartments. Here's why:

  • Payable expenses. Taxes, advertising, payroll, utilities, and other expenses are not a problem at all. You do not need to spend money from your pocket, because expenses will be paid from these income-generating properties.
  • Sufficient income. With single-family properties, you can be in for big trouble. When a resident moves out, you lose your income. At the same time, you get stressed about the mortgage that you need to keep on paying until you find a new renter. This scenario might take some time, so be ready for more stress. On the other hand, multifamily apartment buildings give you a more sufficient income. Even though some renters decide to move out, you still have multiple tenants that can pay up for your mortgage and other incurred expenses.
  • Easy loans. Among the four real estate categories, it’s easier for investors to get commercial property loans, or multi-family loans, to be exact.  Lenders prefer to grant this loan because multifamily apartments have greater asset capability of paying debts or mortgage.
  • Pricing opportunities from contractors. With multiple-unit properties, you get better pricing from contractors.
  • Additional income. On a monthly basis, you will not only get an income from the rental fees, you will also get additional income from other fees like leasing, faxing, laundry and all other services that you offer in your commercial property.

In sum, investing in multifamily apartments is a good opportunity. You have more chances of becoming wealthier compared to the other types of commercial real estate properties.

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