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Published September 5, 2010 

Do you live in the U.S., and are you investing money in the apartment business? You may need to contact a trustworthy commercial loan financing authority for loans to buy apartments in bulk. But there are very limited numbers of commercial loan lenders who offer unique loan programs and cheap loan rates. If you’re in the U.S., then you need not worry any more, because Apartment Loan Store, an outstanding mortgage banking company, has come up with unique and innovative loan programs to help people make more money out of their apartment businesses.

You’ll be amazed at the excellent loan features of Apartment Loan Store. A few features are:

First, our down-payment concept with the Flex Doc program is strikingly low and only 15% — highly affordable. Even your monthly payment would be as low as possible. Loan borrowers will get 1 to 3 years with a 700+ score, according to their interest-only loan program. We will run a free credit check for you.

Another very enticing loan offering is that we don’t calculate your net worth-to-loan, personal debt-to-income, and liquidity-to-loan ratios like other banks do. Don’t worry if your average income is lower than tax returns and higher than average personal debt, as your loan qualification may be based on performance as well as condition of your property.

Besides attracting nationwide apartment business holders with such unparalleled loan features, Apartment Loan Store also astonishes people with its service. We send a pre-approval letter stating the income of the property to the borrower by exchanging some limited and mandatory information at the beginning of the loan process.

You can consult with your loan officer regarding your investment strategies, and he/she will provide you with the best advice by analyzing operations and cash flow of the property. Apart from providing you assurance for your investment, they’ll guide you through the loan process so that your investment will certainly bring you profit not loss. This consultation is absolutely free of cost.

Whatever loan program you choose, they’ll provide you with a tri-merge-credit report that shows credit score from all three credit bureaus. This credit report costs us $50, but you’ll get it for free. 

So get the best quote, and purchase your dream apartments today. Enjoy your cash flow!

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Written by the founder of Apartment Loan Store

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