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Published September 8, 2010 

If you are interested in building apartments to invest your money in commercial properties, you may be looking for apartment building loans at a cheap rate. You need to select a reliable and praiseworthy mortgage banking company that will provide your desired loan amount at a reasonable rate. But this job is not as easy as you think. Choosing the perfect commercial loan financing company is a more tedious job than finding the best rate.

There is one such renowned and established private mortgage banking company, a division of the reputed Business Loan Store, Apartment Loan Store. We not only offer striking rates for apartment building loans, but also handle the entire loan process in a unique and innovative way.

Contact us to learn about our effective and excellent loan programs and complete interest rates. We have so nicely split the loan structure based on time period that borrowers will find it easy to understand and calculate their monthly interest on the required loan amount. Apartment Loan Store provides loan officers to help you through the process from the beginning to finalizing the terms and condition. Moreover, you’ll be continuously updated by the team.

Some fabulous loan features have made this commercial loan financing authority popular and successful among countless other companies. Low down payment, low monthly payment, no PDTI and stated income are some of our lucrative loan features. Providing a pre-approval letter, a credit report and consultation free of cost are some of extraordinary service features of Apartment Loan Store.

We offer two main types of apartment building loans, the Full Doc Program and Flex Doc Program. If you are associated with a big commercial property building company, need to take cash out throughout the loan term, and require the cheapest rate, then the Full Doc program would be preferred for your case. Conversely, if you’re self-employed, can’t show more personal income on taxes, and require low-cost third-party options, then the Flex Doc program would be the most suitable for you.

You can get loan amounts starting from $500,000 up to $100 million. And interest rates could be as low as 4.08% to a maximum 6.49% based on your loan amount and termed years. Consult with the team at Apartment Loan Store to get the exact rate on your desired amount. Enjoy the low rate and minimum monthly payment, and make beautiful apartments!

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Written by the founder of Apartment Loan Store

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