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Our Unique Approach to Commercial Property Loans

Published September 3, 2010 

If you are an investor in commercial properties, you may have a hard time choosing one particular mortgage banking company to get commercial property loans from. Moreover, getting cheap commercial loan rates is tough these days. There is one outstanding apartment financing authority based in the United States, named Apartment Loan Store, that offers unique loan processes to satisfy every single investor who knocks on its door. That is correct, I said every investor.

Have you heard about any such loan process where you’ll get regular updates on your loan, and can complete your loan application with just four easy steps? If not, then you must contact Apartment Loan Store for your commercial property loans today. Our mortgage banking company is so investor-friendly that every time we come up with the latest updates on loans, not only do we talk about them, we update our investors before investors call us. We follow an absolutely unique process of four steps while providing loans.

In the first step we give pre-approval to investors whether they will ultimately get loans through Apartment Loan Store or not. Besides this pre-approval confirmation, we also let investors know what the commercial loan rates, costs, terms and conditions, expected time frame and valuation estimation would be.

The next step is registration, where investors’ filled proposal packages are submitted to their underwriters. Then those underwriters do proper review for that loan file, and based on received review, Apartment Loan Store arranges for third-party funds and applies extra fees if any inspector or appraiser needs to be appointed.

After commitment, the third step starts with loan assistants asking the investors to provide some additional documents for verification, like personal tax returns, funds verification and entity documentation etc.

The last step of closing, or finalization, starts once all verifications are done and third-party reports are completed. Apartment Loan Store issues final loan approval for that investor. After loan approval is signed and returned, underwriters draw documents related to the loan. We ensure investors a timely and coordinated finalization of the entire loan process.

Do not hesitate get in touch with Apartment Loan Store today for commercial property loans to buy apartments in bulk. 

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Written by the founder of Apartment Loan Store

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