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Why Apartments are a Profitable Investment

Published September 15, 2010 

In the next 10 to 15 years, investors will succeed in the real estate business. To succeed in this type of business, investors have to do two things: (a) know which asset classes will have the most profitable rewards and (b) spend money on the best locations.

Among the above-mentioned things, the second one is easier to understand. On the other hand, the first one is what you should try to comprehend. Thus, you better read further…

Among all the asset classes, investors should spend their money on apartment investing. If you’re doubtful about this, here are fivereasons to help you recognize why apartment investing has the most profitable rewards:

1. Based on U.S. history, the largest demographic group is already aging. From this group, the largest part are senior citizens, or those age 60 years and older. This age group is starting some cost-cutting measures on their homes, and they rather prefer to rent than own a home.

2. Individuals age 18 to 30 years compose the second largest demographic group in the U.S. Before buying their own homes, this age group tends to rent for 5 to 7 years.

3. More and more people will immigrate to the U.S., and this population will grow year after year. U.S. immigrants rent more often than they own, and they may even continue renting even if they already own homes.

4. Homeownership rates have greatly decreased over the past years. So, many of those who have owned a home have resorted to renting a home.

5. Among all the commercial asset classes, investors should invest in multi-family apartments because of their stability. Other classes (retail or office) are profitable, but they are not as stable as the multifamily apartments. The economic cycles of other asset classes are unstable, whereas the population cycle of the multifamily apartments are stable – thereby making its economic cycle stable and safe as well.

These reasons emphasize the fact that Americans will resort to renting rather than owning a home. These conditions indicate that investors should spend their money on apartment buildings or multifamily apartment buildings.

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